House Rules
We kindly ask you for careful and considerate behavior around our premises.

Please note

  • Sleeping hours: 10 pm to 6 am
  • TV, radio, and any other audio equipment are only allowed at low volume, especially after 10 pm
  • alle Einrichtungsgegenstände sind pfleglich zu behandeln
  • Please keep kitchen, bathroom, and toilets clean
  • Please avoid unpleasant smell and air your room regularly
  • Please separate your garbage
  • Separate garbage bins for glass, paper, and residual waste
  • Please clean up your personal belongings on the day of room service (cleaning schedule available in apartment or on your room door). This way we can ensure a thorough cleaning.
  • Please do not leave your keys in the indoor lock
  • Please switch off the light when leaving the room/apartment


  • Do not dry your laundry in your room/apartment
  • No pets
  • Do not smoke in your room (designated smokers’ areas outside)
  • No barbecue on your balcony (barbecue area in courtyard)